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Sacred Guardians Pokie

The Sacred Guardians are 4 beautiful women who act as the main characters in a series of pokies from Aristocrat that share progressive jackpots and certain bonus features. Spirit of the Fox, Dragons of Destiny, The First Unicorn and Golden Griffin are based on Native American culture, Chinese creatures, mythological animals and strange African wildlife respectively, all of which are presented in stunning graphics.

Each game has a distinctive theme and style and is populated by different creatures and items related to the individual title, making each of them a high-quality game in their own right and highly sought out at the casinos where pokies from this developer can be found.

The Sacred Guardians pokies are housed in the popular Helix cabinets which have wide screens for the reels, and a detailed picture and game title above them, along with the current progressive jackpot values that are waiting to be won.

Playing Sacred Guardians

Apart from the ladies who smile out from above the games, the first thing players will notice is that there are 6 reels to spin, rather than the more conventional 5 reels. In common with other pokies however, players win by lining examples of the same type of symbol across adjacent reels running from the left side, and by having a sixth reel, the only difference is that the biggest wins come from lines of 6 symbols.

Symbols are stacked 4 high on each reel, which is also a change from the usual 3 high and gives a total of 24 symbols in view at once. While this could be seen as making it more difficult to land a winning combination, there are not many different symbol types in each game, with none of the playing card icons that are so common across the Aristocrat range for example, so getting a prize isn’t as hard as it first looks.

There 40 paylines with The First Unicorn and Golden Griffin, while Spirit of the Fox and Dragons of Destiny make do with just 30 lines.

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Sacred Guardians

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Sacred Guardians
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Bonus Features

The features vary from game to game, which is quite a nice change, as it’s often the case that pokies linked together like this all have exactly the same gameplay, just different symbols.Average returns to players are quite similar however, and the jackpots are the same amount whether players are at the minimum stake or maximum bets.

The First Unicorn sees randomly awarded wild reels, which should help players to land winning lines each time this occurs, while a free games symbol can be stacked on a reel to trigger an interesting bonus round.

Players get to pick a symbol to be added to the reels during the free spins, and the higher the value of the symbol, the fewer free spins will then play out, while the potential number of spins is also determined by how many reels were stacked with the bonus symbol to start the round.

Golden Griffin sees any win completed by wild substitutions doubled in value, but if several wilds make up the line, they are multiplied together, so players could see a win 64x bigger than standard. If the free games symbol is stacked on 3 reels, 18 spins begin, if it’s on 4, 5 or all 6 reels, then 36, 54 or 72 spins will be awarded.

Spirit of the Fox players can benefit from extra features like the wild reels from First Unicorn, and the free spins format that’s found in Golden Griffin but all in a Native American setting.

Dragons of Destiny mixes things up again, by having wild multipliers like Golden Griffin and the free spins format of First Unicorn, where the number of spins is determined by how many stacks of symbols triggered them, and which symbol players pick.

Sacred Jackpots

All games pay out the jackpots in the same way, with a Mini prize that starts at just $10 being awarded when the jackpot symbol fills 3 reels, while 4 or 5 reels will see the Minor or Major jackpots paid out and if all 6 reels are filled with the symbol, the Grand prize, that starts at $2,500, is won.

The Verdict

These are some outstanding games, with popular themes, nice graphics, well-designed symbols and of course, excellent bonus features. Most pokies have a couple of downsides to them, but in the case of Sacred Guardians, the only real issue is the limited size of the jackpots.

Landing the Mini and Minor prizes might cause all the bells to go off, and a big message appear on the reels, but $10 or so isn’t going to change anyone’s life, however, that aside, these are some fun pokies to play.

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