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Depositing Options for New Zealand

Playing real money pokies at a New Zealand online casino is exciting, but there’s one big step you have to take first: depositing money into your account. For many players, this might feel like a daunting task – how exactly do you deposit money into an online casino?

In reality, online casino deposits are fast, easy, and secure. No matter what resources are available to you, there will be a way for you to move money into your favourite casino site, and most people will be able to choose from several great options. Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular deposit methods for online casinos in New Zealand; for more information, you can click through to individual pages on each option.


POLiPay, which is formally known as POLi Payments, is an online banking system that will allow you to make deposits to casino sites directly from your online bank account. This is a service that’s especially good for Kiwis, as it is designed to be used exclusively with many major New Zealand bank. If you have an account at any of the banks used by POLiPay, it can be a fast, secure option for making casino deposits.

Credit Cards

Credit cards might be the easiest way for many players to make a casino deposit in New Zealand. Visa is accepted at virtually every online casino, and MasterCard isn’t far behind. Some sites even take American Express as a deposit option. These credit cards are a simple and fast way to get money into a casino site, though transactions may be declined based on the policies of the bank that issued your card.


Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a popular e-wallet site that has roots in both online gambling and with mainstream online merchants. Users can choose from a number of different ways to fund their Skrill account, such as linking it to a bank account or credit card, then use the funds in their Skrill account to deposit at an online casino. Skrill can also be used for withdrawals and to hold funds online, making it a great way to manage all of your Internet gaming.


If Skrill is a well-rounded e-wallet, then it’s safe to say that Neteller is more of a specialist. Neteller is definitely focused heavily on the gambling industry, and has a long history of being one of the most trusted names in online casino transactions. As with Skrill, you can link your Neteller account to your bank, credit card, or other funding source, then use Neteller to make deposits and withdrawals to and from all of your online casino accounts.


If you want to avoid using your bank accounts or credit cards entirely, then Ukash is a great alternative. Ukash is a prepaid voucher that can be purchased from thousands of retail locations, including many in New Zealand. The voucher acts just like cash: it comes with a unique number that can then be inputted at an online casino, transferring the value stored on the voucher to your account. If you are concerned about sharing your financial information online, Ukash might be just what you’re looking for.

What About PayPal?

PayPal is probably the most popular way to transfer money to friends, families, or businesses online, and it seems to be widely used in almost every field. However, you’ll find that few online gambling sites (and no online casinos) in New Zealand accept PayPal as a banking method.

Of course, the casino sites would love to let you deposit using PayPal. Unfortunately, PayPal will only let its services be used for gambling payments in places where companies are explicitly licensed and regulated. Since New Zealand doesn’t currently offer licensing for online casinos, that rules them out as a deposit option.

But if you’re used to using PayPal for all of your online payments, don’t worry. We have plenty of great alternatives you can choose from when making Internet casino deposits, including the methods listed above.

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