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Pokies Tournaments

When most gamblers talk about playing in tournaments at a casino, the first thing that likely comes to mind is Poker. But other games are offered in tournament formats as well, such as Blackjack and Three Card Poker. And yes, even pokies tournaments are spread fairly frequently, allowing those who love playing the pokies to take their shot at winning big prizes in a competitive environment.

In a pokies tournament, you won’t be competing directly against the house or against a machine. Instead, your results will be considered alongside of all those playing in the tournament, with the top finishers winning big cash prizes.

Online Pokies Tournaments

Many online casinos now offer pokies tournaments to their players, making these exciting events more convenient than ever. Many casino sites offer both scheduled tournaments and sit and go events: the sit and go tournaments will start whenever a certain number of players sign up, while the scheduled tournaments have a set starting time, but could attract any number of pokies players.

Because of the varied nature of online pokies tournaments, there may be some additional opportunities for using a little bit of strategy in your play (compared to offline). Namely, this will come up if the tournament you are playing in is using a poker machine that has bonus games that give you options for the type of bonus you receive.

When playing in a pokies tournament with many players, chances are that you’ll have to have an exceptionally great result to come out as a winner. That means that you’ll want to take bonus options that are highly volatile: those that could give you very little, but might also pay out really big. This should also be your choice if you are not doing well so far in the tournament, as a big bonus could help you catch up quickly. Meanwhile, if you’re sure you’re way ahead, especially in a smaller tournament, you might want to take safer options that will definitely pay out a reasonable amount rather than take any chances.

Of course, it will take a lot of luck to win a pokies tournament. But using these tips could allow you to get just a slight edge on your opponents, and that might be enough to make the difference.

How a Pokies Tournament Works

In a pokies tournament, everyone who enters will be playing on the same exact poker machine. Each player pays a flat entry fee and receives a set number of credits that they can use on the machine during the tournament time period. In a brick-and-mortar casino, the players will also be assigned a machine number, which they’ll have to go find before the event begins.

In the tournament, you’ll be given a set number of credits that you’ll have to spend in a given amount of time. While your winnings will be tracked, you’ll only be allowed to spend the initial credits; once they run out, you’ll have to stop playing.

Once time runs out, the tournament will be over, even if some players haven’t spent all of their credits yet. At the end of the tournament, the player or players with the highest scores take home the prize money!

How to Win Pokies Tournaments

Everyone knows that poker machines aren't really games of skill, but that doesn't mean that there aren't steps you can take to improve your chances of winning. Not everyone will do their absolute best in each pokies tournament, and that means that there might be places where you can find an edge, even if it’s not as big an advantage as you could get by being a great poker or blackjack player.

The first thing you’ll want to do is focus on speed. It’s possible that it won’t be simple to spend all of the credits you are given in the allotted time period. Many players will try to bang the buttons on the pokie machine as quickly and as hard as possible, without being certain that they’re actually playing in the fastest way.

Instead of trying to crush the “max bet” button, take a lighter touch and focus on consistency and speed. Make sure you’re hitting the button as quickly as possible after each spin when the machine will begin taking inputs again. This will maximize the number of spins you get, ensuring that you don’t leave anything unspent at the end of the tournament.

Similarly, you should make sure you stay focused on what you are doing. Don’t let your mind slip and stop playing, and don’t celebrate any big wins that come along the way. There’s no need to look at what the other players around you are doing; focus on your own play and find out how you stacked up after the tournament (or your round of the tournament) ends.

Why Play Pokies Tournaments?

Pokies tournaments can be a lot of fun and give you a lot of play at very little cost. You never have to worry about overspending, as you’ll only pay once at the start of the tournament, but you’ll still get the chance to win big prizes with a little luck.

If you’d like to try out a pokies tournament, there are plenty of excellent casino sites that offer tournaments on a daily basis. Simply sign up at one of these online casinos, join a free or low cost pokies tournament of your choice, and start clicking away for your chance to win a jackpot today.

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