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Super Times Pay Hot Roll Pokies

It may look like a very basic 3-reel pokie, but Super Times Pay Hot Roll is actually filled with a range of interesting and potentially lucrative features that go far beyond what most games have. To start with, there’s 20 paylines running across the reels, rather than the usual 5, or even 1 that many pokies of a similar style possess, then there’s the small matter of multiplier symbols scattered liberally around, and a dice-based bonus game that can create win after win, for a maximum of 300 rolls.

Anyone who likes the look of older style pub pokies, but wants all the advantages of playing a feature-packed game should stick this one at the top of their to-do list, as few, if any, 3-reel games come with so many extras.

Playing Super Times Pay Hot Roll

Flat colours, simple lettering, a lack of fancy animations other than the basics of spinning reels, and straightforward, no-nonsense controls make this pokie look like something from the dark ages, but that’s part of the charm, as lots of people still like to play these types of games. The 3 reels are surrounded by a plain yellow border and a dark blue background is dotted with multipliers written in a plain text. Above it all, there’s a little colour, with the title and an image of flaming dice under the Hot Roll headline, plus a little advice that players should activate all 20 paylines of the best results.

This can be done for a minimum stake of 0.20 which puts it in reach of just about anyone, but of course this amount can be adjusted up. A paytable lists each winning combination as the number of times the amount bet per line.

A classically-styled game deserves classically-styled symbols, so Super Times Pay Hot Roll players will see single, double and triple Bars, along with blue and red 7’s, but what makes this game stand out in the normal run of play are the wild multipliers, which act as any other symbol and boost the amount won several times over.

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Super Times Pay Hot Roll

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Super Times Pay Hot Roll
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Wild Multipliers

2x, 3x, 4x and 5x wild multiplier symbols are the ones that bring in the biggest rewards. Any winning line containing just a single multiplier and 2 other matching symbols will be boosted from the base value by 2x to 5x, depending on which lands. As an example, a line of 3 single Bar symbols will normally pay 10x the amount bet per line, but if 2 of these and the 3x multiplier land across one, the win will be 30x.

It all starts to get really interesting when more than a single multiplier appears, as the prize is equal to both of them combined. In the same example, the single Bar, a 2x and a 3x multiplier would equal a win of 2x3x10 = 60x the line bet.

Other high-paying combinations include the red 7’s, that are worth 80x, while landing just wild multipliers across an active line will be worth anything up to 5000x.

Hot Roll Bonus Game

Some of the higher value symbols, such as the blue and red 7’s and the double Bar can have the words ‘Hot Roll’ splashed across them, and landing these across a line, in any combination, launches the bonus game.

Players will see a couple of dice, which they roll over and over, collecting prizes until either 7 is rolled, or they have managed 300 rolls of them, although let’s face it, the 7 is going to turn up sooner rather than later. But as every turn is guaranteed to win a prize, and anyone landing a 7 on the first go will win 7x the triggering bet, it’s a fantastic round to trigger.

Rolling a 6 or 8 equals a win of 2x the bet, 5’s and 9’s are worth 3x, while 4 and 10 are each worth a win of 4x. Any time 3 or 11 are rolled, players win 6x their total bet and the 2 and 12 will each return a prize of 10x. This can go on and on until a 7 turns up, so the potential rewards in this round are huge.

The Verdict

Although it looks simple, this is in reality a fairly complicated game, particularly with regards to the wild multipliers, what they pay out, and what combinations are needed. The bonus game is a little easier to follow and a real highlight, especially as it’s possible to keep rolling the dice over and over for guaranteed prizes.

Anyone who doesn’t mind the traditional appearance, and is happy to take some time working the rules out, should find Super Times Pay Hot Roll to be an exciting game with lots of potential wins.

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