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Cash Clams Pokie Machine

While pokies based around the theme of undersea life are nothing new, one based on clams in particular is unique, but if you think about it, clams are most famous for having potential riches inside of them, so it kind of makes sense.

This classically-styled 3-reel game also brings a friendly red crab to the reels, along with a couple of the symbols that players have come to expect from Poker machines, such as bars and 7’s. It’s part of the Microgaming range, and this developer has been churning out similar games since the beginning of the online casino boom, so they know exactly what features their players are looking for and have a solid reputation for delivering just that.

Microgaming pokies are also certified as fair and trustworthy, so players don’t have to worry about shelling out too much and seeing their bankroll being clawed away from them unfairly.

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Cash Clams

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Cash Clams
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Pearls of Wisdom on Cash Clams

Opening up the game reveals a bright and cheerful design that’s typical of Microgaming, with the game logo, a paytable and the reels themselves taking up most of the screen, while buttons below adjust the bet size and trigger the spins of the reels. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before on many other games, and none the worse for it, as players will be instantly familiar with the layout, while total newcomers to 3 reel games shouldn’t have any problems getting to grips with it.

A stripy pink and purple backdrop is certainly eye-catching, while the Cash Clams logo shows our millionaire mollusc surrounded by bank notes and with a mouth full of gold coins. The reels themselves are as simple as they come, with just a single payline running through the centre and players get a prize when the right symbols land across the centre of all the reels.

Choosing how much to stake on a spin is just a matter of clicking + and – buttons which automatically changes the bet size, with a minimum of 0.50 and a Bet Max level set at 50.00. The bigger the bet, the bigger the payouts.

To determine what those prizes could be, a handy paytable takes up the right side of the screen. It’s divided into 2 columns and which applies depends on whether 1 or 2 coins are being played. Assuming it’s a single coin, the crab is the lowest-paying symbol, with 2 coins awarded any time he stops on the line, and it doesn’t matter what other symbols join it, while 2 crabs equals a 3 coins prize.

Moving up the food chain we find a full line of crabs being worth 10 coins and then we encounter the single, double and triple bars which are worth 15, 30 or 50 coins when they fill a line, plus there’s an Any Bar that brings in extra wins.

Those lovely golden 7 symbols however, are worth 100 coins when they land favourably, and anyone lucky enough to get the Cash Clams logo across the reels will be in for a 2000x prize with a single coin, but if 2 coins are being played, the win goes up to 5000 coins which will be enough to make anyone’s hands all clammy.

Bivalve Bonuses

As well as having the biggest wins in its jaws, the clam also acts as a wild symbol, which means it counts as any other if that will complete a winning line. Just to make things even better, the value of any resulting payout will be doubled, and should 2 appear, the prize will be quadrupled.

That’s as far as it goes for bonuses, but fans of 3 reel pokies won’t be expecting many of them anyhow.

Cool Crustaceans, or Worse than Crabs?

Your view of this game is totally dependent on whether you like 3 reel pokies or not. If you do, then it’s a perfectly good game that mixes the classic symbols which players of these games want to see, with some fun images like the crab and clam.

Payouts are pretty much in line with what would be expected in these games, so not amazing but not poor either, while the possible bet range is much the same.

So fans of 3 reel games should definitely give this one a go, but those who are not so keen are unlikely to be converted by the fish delights of Cash Clams.

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