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Cops and Robbers Pokies

There’s at least 3 online pokies called Cops and Robbers, but the version we are looking at today comes from Microgaming, and it’s a classic 3-reel and 1 payline game of the type they are absolute masters at developing. It may look simple, but hidden within is a separate bonus round and lots of extra features designed to add swag to your bankroll.

So put on a stripy top, grab a sack with a $ sign on it and let’s get going.

Unlike many 3-reel pokies which have just a single image to set the theme, Cops and Robbers is covered in cartoon villains and policemen, all up to various antics like hiding in trashcans, sneaking around corners or popping up from manholes in the road. It sets the scene for a fun game that’s helped by some of the characters also appearing on the reels.

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Cops and Robbers

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Cops and Robbers
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Classic Symbols

One thing that this does share with similar games is the line of symbols that details what will be won for each combination, starting with the cherries which will pay out 1x the triggering bet amount. Other symbols that will be familiar to anyone who has played these games before are the single and double bars, suitably presented in gold, that are worth 2x and 4x the bet, while lemons turn up to award players with an 8x prize.

A couple of other traditional symbols are next in the line-up, with 7’s carrying a value of 10x the bet, while watermelons are worth 20x.

Then it’s time for some icons specific to Cops and Robbers, with the handcuffs locking in a 20x win and the policeman’s helmet capping the regular wins on the table with an 80x payout.

However, there’s one more special symbol to go, as any players who are lucky enough to bag the Robber across the payline, will scoop the jackpot of 800x the value of the triggering bet.

Of course the amount actually won depends on how much is staked on a spin, so buttons along the bottom of the screen are there to let players decide their wager, which can be from 0.10 to 10.00 and there’s no added complication of having to play with several coins, as it’s just a straightforward flat bet.

As the reels spin, players will see a few symbols with little swag bags next to them, and these are the key to a fun bonus round. If all symbols on the payline have this extra on them, the Chaser Trail feature will begin on a second screen. The aim of the game is to spin your way around a board, collecting prizes like free spins or multipliers along the way which players can either collect or they can take the risky option and continue to move around it, hoping not to land on a section that ends the game and loses any prizes gained so far.

Along the way there are prize features like Doing Time, Costa Del Cash and It’s a Fair Cop, all of which are worth some decent rewards, while the ‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello spot lets players pick whatever bonus symbols they want.

There are a few randomly awarded bonus features that can help players to spin up extra prizes, with nudges and holds being familiar to many. They work just like you would expect, with nudges letting the player move a reel up or down, while also being able to gamble for a win, and holds being where 1 or 2 reels are fixed while the others spin for an extra winning chance.

Will it Steal Your Heart or Rob Your Bankroll

Cops and Robbers is a great-looking pokie that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has a quality bonus round to go with it. The inclusion of a wild symbol would perhaps have been nice, but that’s being a bit picky, as there is plenty going on even without it.

Having a bonus game that can start at any time is a nice feature, as are the randomly awarded extras, which combine to make this game somewhere in between the 3-reel pokies of old and the multi-round video pokies that have become so prevalent in the online casino market.

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