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Fantastic 7s Pokie

Anyone looking for a back-to-basics, no-frills pokie can stop their search, as Microgaming have Fantastic 7s in their collection and they don’t get much more straightforward than this. From the simple graphics to the choice of old-style symbols, Fantastic 7s will appeal to anyone who likes to chill out and just spin the reels, collecting wins whenever identical ones land across the single win line.

Bold colours dominate this game, from the bright blue, red and silver colours of the logo to the even more vivid yellows and purples of the payout schedule. It certainly catches the eye, but will it capture the hearts of those who play it?

Fantastic 7s is laid out in exactly the way players would expect, with the 3 reels in a top corner, the logo underneath and the payout schedule taking up the right side of the screen. Microgaming have a standard format of control panel for this type of pokie, so along the bottom, there’s + and – buttons to set the value of each coin, and others that adjust the number of coins in play, give players the option to Bet Max, and finally to actually get round to spinning the reels.

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Fantastic 7s

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Fantastic 7s
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Not for High Rollers

Coin values can be set at 0.75, which is pretty steep for a minimum bet, or adjusted up to 1.50, 3.00, 6.00, or 15.00, and then 1, 2 or 3 coins can be activated. This makes the maximum possible bet 45.00, which should be enough for most budgets, but it’s not the highest and could dissuade some higher-stakes players.

The payout table is in 3 columns and shows how much will be won depending on the number of coins used, although with one exception, the amount paid in relation to the amount staked is the same anyway.

Assuming a single-coin bet, we can start at the bottom of the payout schedule and see that a single cherry symbol landing on the win line will be worth 2 coins, while 2 cherries will be worth 5. A full line of them across the reels has a value of 10 coins.

Moving up, we see the first of the Bar symbols, with Any Bar, where it doesn’t matter which type stops on the line, as long as there are 3 of them, rewarding players with 5 coins, with the single bar carrying a prize of 10 coins.

Then double and triple bars are worth 20 and 30 coins for full lines, with the 7’s of the title taking up the top spots of the paytable. Any 7’s stopping across the line will be worth 40 coins, while the traditional red 7 will pay 80 coins.

So far, all symbols will pay out at the same ratio no matter how many coins are being played, but the shiny silver 7 that takes position at the top of the table works a little differently. If 1 coin is active, then a line of the silver 7’s will pay 500 coins, and if 2 coins are in play, then it’s a win of 1000. However, if players have chosen to activate all 3 coins, then instead of the 1500x payout that would be expected given all that’s gone before, it’s a substantial 2500x reward.

With a minimum coin value of 0.75, players could qualify for this bigger payout by wagering 2.25 per spin.

Fantastic 7 or a Number 2?

Those people who like basic pokies such as this will appreciate the ease of play and simple layout that Fantastic 7s offers. There’s nothing to distract from the pleasures of spinning the reels and seeing what combinations land, but this also means there’s no wild symbol, no multiplier payouts, no scatters, and if you like bonus rounds and side games, then forget it. This won’t be the game for you.

An issue with this pokie is that high minimum bet and relatively low maximum amounts that can be staked per spin, but if that puts anyone off, there are plenty of other games from the same developer that work in just the same way.

Microgaming are one of the most prolific suppliers of game to online casinos worldwide, and everything they produce is independently certified for fair play, so as well as being a relaxing pokie to play, Fantastic 7s is a trustworthy one.

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