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Frost Bite Pokie

Players may feel a deep chill when they first see the Frost Bite pokie from Microgaming, but once they find the cool payouts and wild multipliers that can get them snowed under with wins, it’s a game that can bring a warming glow to them.

A bet range from 0.25 to 100.00 should be enough to cover most budgets and with a jackpot payout of 800x the bet amount, this simple game can be deceptively rewarding to play.

Brace Yourself

The whole screen is dominated by various shades of blue and white, which serves to enhance the frosty theme, while a somewhat crazed looking cat who could be representing Jack Frost, (who knows?), is the main character of the game. He turns up on the reels, and also next to the game title, while other symbols are simply frozen versions of the bars and a snowflake.

Laid out in much the same way as other 3-reel, single payline pokies, with the reels above the title and a paytable to the right, Frost Bite is very each to understand and play, as all the players need to do is set a bet level and spin away.

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Frost Bite

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Frost Bite
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This is done via the buttons below the reels, with the + and – symbols adjusting the amount that each coin is worth from 0.25, to 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 25.00 and for the high-rollers, 50.00, while either 1 or 2 coins can be played. Unlike some pokies that have higher proportional jackpot wins, in this game there’s no advantage to playing 2 coins other than giving the option of a 100.00 maximum bet.

As for the prizes that different sized wager will bring in, the payout table lists how many coins will be won for each combination, although if only 1 is used, it can be easier to think of it in terms of the number of times the bet amount will be paid out.

The snowflake takes up position at the bottom of the table, with a single flake fluttering onto the payline being worth a win of 2x the amount staked, while 2 snowflakes brings in a prize equal to 5x.

Classic bar symbols are up next, with any combination of them landing on the line paying a prize of 5x, while the snowflake makes another appearance next, rewarding players with a 10x stake multiplier if all 3 reels have it on the line.

The single bar, double and triples all come next, with wins of 10x, 25x and 40x the bet should full lines of them land, while next up is the cat symbol, complete with a funny hat on his head, rewarding players with a nice 80x payout.

However, the Frost Bite logo symbol is the one to give players a chill down their spine, as it has a couple of different functions. Firstly, it’s a wild symbol, meaning that it will act as any other if it helps to complete a winning line. If just a single wild and 2 examples of another symbol land, the amount paid will be double what it would have been without the wild substitution, while if 2 wilds and any other symbol land, then the resulting win will be 4x the base amount.

But that’s not all, as a full line of the Frost Bite logo will result in the game’s jackpot win of 800x the amount staked. Many similar games encourage players to use 2 coins by having the jackpot worth more for the maximum bet, but that’s not the case here, meaning that players can stake just the minimum bet and not be missing out on anything.

Frozen Fun or Let it Go?

While this pokie may not have anything original to offer in terms of gameplay and payouts, the theme is certainly unusual. It seems that players are often put off by cold-looking games, but the fun cat character that pops up on the reels from time to time, and even has a high value attached to him, gives Frost Bite a bit of a light touch.

Getting a win of 800x the amount staked, as well as multiplier payouts along the way are also certain to give players a warm glow. If it’s just too chilly-looking though, Microgaming have a whole range of more colourful pokies that work in much the same way.

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