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Jewel Thief Pokie Machine

Classic 3-reel and 3-payline action is what grabs the attention of players looking for an easy pokie to play, with a fun theme and some serious jackpots to take home. It’s another quality release from Microgaming and has all of the features that people look for in this format of game, including wild substitutions, a good range of bet values and the potential for lots of quick wins as the reels spin.

Cracking Open Jewel Thief

The theme of the game is pretty much explained in the title, so we have a cartoon character with his arms around an impossibly large diamond sneaking away from the safe that he’s just broken in to, and a couple of the higher-value symbols are related to his dastardly activities, while the jackpots are triggered by the game logo.

Other than that, this is a standard Microgaming pokie and none the worse for being so. It uses a tried and tested format that players have enjoyed for some time and like all games from this developer, it’s independently certified as fair, so unlike the main character this game isn’t going to rob anyone.

A fairly plain blue and purple background sets off a game that’s presented in the usual arrangement for Microgaming 3-reelers, with the reels at the top left of the screen, a game title and picture below them, and the payout details taking up the right side.

Players can wager as little as 0.25 on a spin of the reels, although this will only activate 1 of the 3 paylines, so any winning combinations landing on the others won’t count. To cover all lines, the minimum is therefore 0.75, while the amount staked on each one can be adjusted up to 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, or 25.00. This means that the maximum bet if playing all 3 lines is 75.00 per spin.

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Jewel Thief

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Jewel Thief
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The payout table lists what will be won when identical symbols land across an active line, with the combination of single, double or triple bar symbols being the lowest potential win, paying out just 5x the coin value when landing across the reels.

Single bars will reward players with 25x the amount that a coin is worth, while the double bar pays out 50x and if the triple bar icon lands right across an active line, then the prize is 100x.

Next up are a couple of game-specific symbols, with an image of our thief working the lock of the safe being worth 300 coins and finally we have him getting hands on the diamond and paying out 500 coins when this symbol fills a line.

Although that’s all for the standard symbols, the Jewel Thief logo is still to go, and it’s got a couple of special features that add interest and excitement to the run of play. Firstly, it’s a wild symbol, so it can act as any other one if that will complete a winning line. For example, if the single bar is in 2 positions across an active line and the wild fills the third spot, that will count as 3x the single bar and pay out accordingly.

The real treats come with full lines of the Jewel Thief logo however, as it will then pay out the jackpot prizes. If just a single line has been activated, players win 1500 coins when it lands across it, if it lands on the second payline that runs along the top part of the reels, then the reward is 3000x.

If players get the logo right across the 3rd payline that runs along the bottom of the reels, then they win the main jackpot of 6000 coins, which can be as much as 150,000.00 if they have been paying at the maximum bet amount.

Will it Steal Your Heart?

Jewel Thief is a classic example of the 3-reel pokies that Microgaming are famed for. It doesn’t offer up anything particularly new, but neither is it meant to. Instead, what we have here is a pokie using proven gameplay to treat players to lots of nice wins.

It’s got a fun theme, several symbols that make it stand out and with a generous jackpot it’s got the rewards to go with it.

Maybe it would have been nice to see the wild multiply the value of any winning combinations that it helps to create, or a couple more symbols to add some colour to things, but that’s just being a bit picky.

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