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The Gee Gees Pokie

What do you get if you cross racehorses with a legendary signing group? No, it’s not a joke, you get The Gee Gees pokie from Microgaming.

There’s a number of games that have their whole theme based around a funny name, and this is a great example that sees 3 horses dressed in disco-era outfits looking like the Bee Gees, and of course they even have the big teeth to go with it.

Played out across 3 reels, with a single win line, Gee Gees has a bonus game that takes place in a disco that looks just like the one from Saturday Night Fever. Except with horses.

Playin’ Alive

Gee Gees is laid out much as any other Microgaming 3 reel pokie, with the reels taking the middle of the floor, payouts listed along the bottom and the right-hand side and a theme-related picture to the left side.

In this case, we see our harmonic horses in their disco gear along with the game title and some information about Nudges which we will get to later.

The control buttons underneath the reels are used to set the amount staked per spin, with an optional Expert mode that lets players spin them up to 100 times without any input, while they can be programmed to stop once certain win or loss limits have been reached.

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The Gee Gees

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The Gee Gees
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Like many 3 reelers from Microgaming, the bet range is a little restricted, with a minimum of 0.10 being accepted, which is fine, but a maximum wager of just 10.00 per spin; which isn’t.

Players win multiples of their total stakes when 3 identical symbols stop across the win line that runs through the centre of the reels. The lowest value symbols are the cherries which award 1x the stake when they land in the right place, while any combination of the blue or yellow 7’s will be worth 2x.

Single, Double and Triple Bars are another classic symbol and in this game, players win 4x their stake back if any mix of them land on the win line, but if the whole line is filled with just the Single, Double or Triple on their own, it’s worth 4x, 6x or 8x respectively.

Next up, we have the blue 7’s that are valued at 10x the bet and then it’s the first of the symbols directly related to the theme, as 3 horseshoes across the line pays out 20x.

The gold 7 is worth 50x and then it’s back to the various types of fruit as we see a slice of watermelon that pays a juicy 250x when 3 of them stop on the win line. But the biggest reward comes from landing the glitterball, with players able to reflect on a prize worth 2000x the amount they staked per spin.

At random points, symbols will appear with little numbers to the sides of them and this is the key to unlocking the bonus trail that runs along beneath the reels. Each time a number appears, the corresponding one on the trial will light up and once they are all shining away, the next time the cherries form a winning combination, it’s off to the disco we go.

Bonus Bits

Someone at Microgaming must be a genius to think of this round, which takes place across a disco floor lit up in true Saturday Night Fever style. Players click to roll a dice and win a variety of prizes depending on where that dice takes them around the board, with rewards such as cash payouts,

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