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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. The owners of (“site”) have created this privacy policy (“policy”) for the purpose of informing visitors about their rights and our information collection policies during use of this site. Please review the following provisions prior to your use of the Site. Any user who does not understand or agree with this provisions should discontinue use of this Site.

  1. Collection of Information
When you visit this site, we may collect two types of information:
  1. Non-personal Information (NPI), which is provided automatically through the use of data logs enabled by cookies. We collect the following non-personal data when you visit this site:
  • IP address (a unique identifier for the device accessing the site)
  • Browser type (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox)
  • Operating system of the device used to access the site (e.g. Windows, Mac OS)
  • Web addresses of web pages visited immediately before and immediately following your use of this site
  • Pages viewed and time on site
  • Date and time accessed
  1. Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which is provided on a voluntary basis by you via a web form, email or interactive feature, which may be used to collect personal information. This information may include:
    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Mailing address
  1. Purposes for Collection

The owners of the site may analyze NPI to understand user behavior and determine the most useful content to provide in order to offer the best site experience possible. Through such analysis, we are able to improve user experience and, in some cases, provide customized content. The non-personal data collected is used for statistical analysis using standard third-party software programs. These programs create statistical summaries only.

We may use PII to communicate with you about matters related to the site or the information, products, and/or services available through the site, in addition, but not including, to the following purposes:

  • Respond to inquiries from you
  • Verify visitor age
  • Provide premium services and/or products
  • Provide marketing or other commercial notifications
  • Provide additional content which you have requested, such as newsletters, offers, updates, etc.
  1. Use of Cookies

A “cookie” is a small text file sent by the site that is stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies enable the capture of NPI, but do not interfere with the operation of your device nor do they impart vulnerability when using your computer. Cookies may be removed through a process described in most web browser Help files. Additionally, you may deny cookies from being installed on your computer by adjusting the settings within the web browser.

Cookies are deployed so that we may recognize repeat visitors and improve future visits, track usage behavior, and compile aggregate data that allows us to determine content and improve site access. The owners do not link NPI with PII without your permission, and do not use cookies to collect or store personal information about you.

  1. Sharing Your Information
We may share your information among the owners of this site and their employees and/or business partners. This information is shared for the following purposes:
  • Improve site performance
  • Provide notifications of premium services
  • Offer exclusive promotions from third-party service providers
  • Resolve site issues

Under no circumstances do we sell, rent or otherwise distribute your information to unrelated third parties without first obtaining permission by you.

We may also share your information under the following conditions:

  • As required by law;
  • We have obtained written consent by you to share the information with third parties
  • You have voided your rights under this policy through actions that may be attributed solely to you or by those directly or indirectly connected to you
  • We must respond to subpoenas, court orders or other legal requests
  • We must defend ourselves against legal claims, such as fraud or illegal gaming
  1. Information Protection

The owners of the site make reasonable efforts to protect the security of your PII. Access to all PII is strictly limited and continuously monitored. The owners, employees and business partners are all obliged to respect the confidential nature of your information and must take reasonable steps to ensure the information remains protected.

  1. Underage Access to Site

This site, along with partner and non-partner sites that are linked within the site, are not intended for use by persons under the age of majority in the jurisdiction from where the site is being accessed. As such, there is no specific policy or specific protections afforded to visitors who have not yet reached the age of majority in the jurisdiction from where the site is being accessed.

  1. Adherence to Policy

By using the Site, you fully agree to accept the terms of this policy. In the event one part of this Policy is deemed unlawful, all other parts remain in legal force. Those visitors who are not completely satisfied with this policy or refuse to abide by the policy must refrain from further use of this site or forfeit any and all privacy rights.

  1. Changes to Policy

From time to time, and as required by law, we may make changes to this policy without notice. Though we will make every attempt to communicate changes clearly, either within this policy or elsewhere on the site, the owners advise all visitors to review the policy fully to ensure you have been notified of the most recent version of the policy.

  1. Third-party Website Privacy

Your privacy rights under this policy do not extend to any third-party websites, whether connected directly or indirectly to this site. The owners of the site shall not be held responsible and/or liable for any violation, purposeful or otherwise, committed by third-party websites which are not under full control and authority of this site’s owners. This site’s owners shall be indemnified against any loss or damages arising from your use of this site.

Policy Questions

You may inquire about this policy and make requests about your PII and NPI through the email link below. If necessary, we may request identity verification when you contact us to confirm your legal age and right to visit the site.

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