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Helping You Find The Best Pokies!

G'day ervyone, my name is Leah, and I am the founder of Play Pokies was founded by me in 2015 in order to help provide other pokie players with the best information, news, guides, and free games to play, as I found a lot of other sites on the internet were lacking pokie information geared toward Australians. I want to take all the stress out of the research for you!

I thought I would give you a little more background on me, my favorite types of games to play, where I like to play.

I was born and raised in the city of Melbourne, where you will usually find me playing pokies at the Crown Casino, tending to my small but productive garden or enjoying a nice bottle of Shiraz at home. If I am not outside enjoying the sunshine you can find me online either playing pokies or working on this site. I am married to a wonderful man named Jack, who I met when I was in school. We have been married for the past 20 years, and love to go on holiday, watch cricket on television, or even head down to the local to have a beer or two. We don't have any children, but we do have two dogs: Shades and Genie who we both love to pieces.

If you haven't guessed already, that's me on the top left of the picture with my IT guy Josh in the middle and Naomi on the right. She is the creative whiz behind all the visuals and graphics on the site!

I ended up making the decision to start Play Pokies earlier this year because I was fed up with the lack of information for Australian players out there. Sure, there are lots of "slots" sites out there, but they don't focus on our lifestyles and don't have any content tailored to an Aussie audience. I want to change that, and so I have decided to build this site from scratch. I am consistently adding something here or there, and am always trying to make little corrections as I go along, so if you find anything off, please get in touch.

If you ever want to get a hold of me to make a suggestion about how I can improve the site, please feel free to shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

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